Sunday, May 29, 2011

Playstation Network compenstation

It has already been about 2 days since I've heard of this PSN Customer Appreciation Program that Sony has cooked up to compensate for about a month of server down time.

These are some of the "gifts" the program offers:
  • You get the option of 2 PS3 games from 5:
              -Dead Nation
              -Super Stardust HD
              -Wipeout HD + Fury
  • If you have a PSP, you get the option of 2 games from this list of 4:
              -ModNation Racers
              -Pursuit Force
              -Killzone Liberation
  • There will be some free movie rentals that will be offered in the PSN Store, but as of now, no further information about the movie rentals are available. These movie rentals will be available over one weekend.
  • Sony is offering a 30 free trial of Playstation Plus for people who aren't already subscribed to the service.
  • People who are already Plus members will get an extra 60 days added to their subscription.
These were taken from the official Playstation Blog here. I am pretty excited to try out the life of a Plus member. Who knows, I might end up extending my subscription. Besides the Plus membership, the 2 games I would be choosing out of the list would definitely be Dead Nation and InFAMOUS. I already have LittleBigPlanet, and the other two games don't seem very appealing to my tastes. I won't be picking any PSP games seeing that I don't own one anymore. It was very surprising that Sony is actually offering games that are worth more than a couple bucks. Even though I'll receive 2 free games, and a Plus membership out of this whole ordeal, it still won't keep me occupied all summer long.